Tej Gundavelli - Founder & CEO, Touch-A-Life Foundation

    J A Chowdary - Chairman, Indian Blockchain Standards Committee

    Tej Gundavelli J A Chowdary
  • Panel

    UN SDG Goal 9 - Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

    Moderator: Tushar Vakil - Leadership Coach-Individual & Team Coaching-Certified, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

    Speaker: Solomon Darwin - Director, Center for Corporate Innovation, UC Berkeley-Haas Center for Corporate Innovation

    Speaker: Shawn Seipler - Executive Director, Clean the World Foundation, Inc.

    Speaker: Gregory Kepferle - CEO, Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County

    Speaker: Tej Gundavelli - Founder & CEO, Touch-A-Life Foundation

    Tushar Vakil Solomon Darwin Shawn Seipler Gregory Kepferle Tej Gundavelli


    Christopher Salem - Executive Coach, CRS Group Holdings LLC

    Rafiq Dossani - Economist & Educationist, RAND Corporation

    Christopher Salem Rafiq Dossani
  • Panel

    UN SDG Goal 2 - Zero Hunger

    Moderator: Raj Asava - Co-Founder, HungerMitao

    Speaker: Anna Asava - Co-Founder, HungerMitao

    Speaker: James Kanoff - Co-Founder and CEO, The Farmlink Project

    Speaker: Ben Collier - Co-Founder, The Farmlink Project

    Speaker: Robert Lee - Co-founder & CEO, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

    Speaker: Mohit Kumar Tornala - Technology Lead, Fiserv

    Raj Asava Anna Asava James Kanoff Ben Collier Robert Lee Mohit Kumar Tornala


    Ajit Rangnekar - Director General, Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad

    Bill Ottman - CEO and Co-Founder, Minds

    Ajit Rangnekar Bill Ottman
  • Panel

    UN SDG Goal 13 - Climate Action

    Moderator: Prasad Jaladi - Chief Facilitator, Suraksha

    Speaker: Raul Gouvea - Professor, University of New Mexico

    Speaker: George Cummings - SDG14 Ocean Science Ambassador Advisor, SDG14 For-Profit Corporations

    Speaker: Ken Alston - Partner, Circularity Edge, LLC

    Prasad Jaladi Raul Gouvea George Cummings Ken Alston


    Tushar Vakil - Leadership Coach-Individual & Team Coaching-Certified, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

    Brooke McKean - President/COO, Chicago Scholars

    Tushar Vakil Brooke McKean
  • Panel

    UN SDG Goal 5 - Gender Equality

    Moderator: Vijji Suryadevara - Entrepreneur & Tech Leader, NEOM

    Speaker: Manju Latha Kalanidhi - Senior Assistant Editor, The New Indian Express

    Speaker: Jennifer Bouey - Tang Chair in China Policy Studies, RAND Corporation

    Speaker: Oluneye Oluwole - Storyteller, Host and Speaker, OLUNEYESPEAKS

    Vijji Suryadevara Manju Latha Kalanidhi Jennifer Bouey Oluneye Oluwole


    Shailu Tipparaju - Founder, Chief Innovation Officer, Examity

    Mattie Scariot - Director, Poppy Jasper International Film Festival

    Shailu Tipparaju Mattie Scariot
  • Panel

    UN SDG Goal 4 - Quality Education

    Moderator: Shailu Tipparaju - Founder, Chief Innovation Officer, Examity

    Speaker: Lord Leomer Pomperada - President, World Youth Alliance

    Speaker: Jeffery Beckham - CEO, Chicago Scholars Foundation

    Speaker: Kelly Maurice - Executive Director, Educando

    Speaker: Ricardo De La Fuente - President, AIE - NEI / Lanufer S.A.

    Shailu Tipparaju Lord Leomer Pomperada Jeffery Beckham Jr Kelly Maurice Ricardo De La Fuente


    Manak Matiyani - Executive Director, The YP Foundation

    Gitesh Sarma - Retired Ambassador

    Manak Matiyani Gitesh Sarma
  • Panel

    UN SDG Goal 3 - Good Health & Well-Being

    Moderator: Christopher Salem - Executive Coach, CRS Group Holdings LLC

    Speaker: Jordanna Eyre - Chief Sorceress of Life & Business, Modern Day Sorcerer

    Speaker: Jeff Spar - Technology & Digital Transformation Consultant, Spar Transformation Advisors, LLC

    Speaker: Carl Clark MD - President & CEO, Mental Health Center of Denver

    Speaker: Anita Chandra - VP and Director, RAND Social and Economic Well-Being

    Christopher Salem Jordanna Eyre Jeff Spar Carl Clark MD Anita Chandra


    R. Chandrasekhar - Former President of NASSCOM

    Puneet Pushkarna - General Partner, Solmark

    R. Chandrasekhar Puneet Pushkarna
  • Panel

    UN SDG Goal 8 - Decent Work & Economic Growth

    Moderator: Roopa Sunku - Sr.Director, HCM Fusion Development, Oracle

    Speaker: Summer McAfee - Lead Program Manager, USAA

    Speaker: Susan Reichle - President & CEO, International Youth Foundation(IYF)

    Speaker: Lauren Levicki Courville - President & CEO, Dress for Success Houston

    Speaker: Sabari Raja - Co-Founder & CEO, Nepris Inc

    Roopa Sunku Summer McAfee Susan Reichle Lauren Levicki Courville Sabari Raja


    AGK Karunakaran - President & CEO, MulticoreWare

    Jingting Liu - Assistant Professor, Business School, University of Colorado Denver

    AGK Karunakaran Jingting Liu
  • Panel

    UN SDG Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities

    Moderator: Sai Padma - Director, Global AID

    Speaker: Seetha Anand Vaidyam - Remedial Therapist, Ananda Foundation

    Speaker: Rohit Chowdhry - Expert at building high performing offshore operations

    Speaker: Usha Raman - Professor, University of Hyderabad

    Sai Padma Seetha Anand Vaidyam Rohit Chowdhry Usha Raman


    Kishore Gadiraju - Vice President, Engineering, Solix Technologies, Inc.

    Kishore Gadiraju


    Reimagining Giving with Touch-A-Life Foundation

    Moderator: Himanshu Baral - Head of the Enterprise Advanced Analytics Lab, Wells Fargo

    Speaker: Tej Gundavelli - Founder & CEO, Touch-A-Life Foundation

    Speaker: Kishore Gadiraju - Vice President, Engineering, Solix Technologies, Inc.

    Speaker: Venkat Ram - Engineering Lead, Touch-A-Life Foundation

    Speaker: Anil Kumar - Product Manager, Touch-A-Life Foundation

    Speaker: Priyanka Chaudhari - Product Marketing Manager, Touch-A-Life Foundation

    Himanshu Baral Tej Gundavelli Kishore Gadiraju Anil Kumar Venkat Ram Priyanka Chaudhari


    Reena Chawla - Founder, Social Entrepreneur, The Brain Studio

    Steve Wymer - President & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley

    Reena Chawla Steve Wymer
  • Panel

    UN SDG Goal 16 - Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

    Moderator: Roger Royse - Partner at Haynes and Boone, LLP

    Speaker: Bill Ottman - CEO and Co-Founder, Minds

    Speaker: Sanjeev Kumar - Principal and Managing Partner, Hunt Pennington Kumar & Dula PLLC

    Roger Royse Bill Ottman Sanjeev Kumar


    V.C.Sajjanar - Managing Director, Telangana State Road Transport Corporation

    Annie Duflo - Executive Director, Innovations for Poverty Action

    V.C.Sajjanar Annie Duflo

This agenda is subject to change*

About the Event

On the occasion of International Day of Education on the 24'th of January, TALScouts welcomes you to a 40 hour long Virtual Reading Marathon.

These stories narrated by students will be converted into resources for an e-library that will be accessible to all. The audio files will be focusing especially on providing learning resources for the visually impaired.

The 2022 Virtual Reading Marathon theme is pivoted upon the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Quality Education

We are thankful to the students who participated from India, United States America and United Kingdom and narrated stories in the languages of English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Sanskrit.