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Quality Education is a Sustainable Development Goal that focuses on access to universal and equitable education for all. The UN aims to achieve this target of universal, free and equal access to primary and secondary education for all boys and girls by 2030, thus leading to a decade of action from 20020-2030 towards achieving this goal.

This target carries prominence due to the low completion rate and the disproportionate enrolment rate of girl students. Many existing schools lack necessary infrastructure from washrooms to books. Education is a tool for the social upward movement of downtrodden communities, and the medium to peace. Therefore it is important for all individuals to participate towards this goal and educate people to create a better society.

4 Quality Education (SDGs)

How to plan a book drive


A Global book donation drive that aims to hold a direct school to school connection, and build a student to student empathy. The drive focuses on providing the underserved with necessary educational supplies in the form of notebooks, stationery supplies, books, mobile devices etc to enrich their learning and take the community a step forward towards gaining Quality Education. It calls for action from schools and students to proactively work towards collection of resources for the underserved students.

The underserved schools can be identified by the schools themselves in addition to those identified by TALScouts and partner organizations. The donations can happen on digital platforms as well, ranging from audio notes of books and e-books for TAL digital library, to funds in TALGiving which will be directed towards providing resources to the schools. The pickup and drop of the resources is managed by TALScouts.

For Instructions regarding the drive, go through the following resource Click Here

Social innovation Masterclass

(8PM - 9PM IST, 9:30AM - 10:30AM EST)

Social Innovation Theme:
Literacy for All- 9/1/2022

How Youth can transform Marginalized communities by spreading literacy

A Masterclass on introducing the Sustainable Development Goal- Quality Education and the Challenges it faces

Social Philanthropy:
Book Donation Drive- 16/1/2022

Bring your teams to join the drive to help the local underserved communities

A Tips on book drives and fundraising for the underserved

Social Entrepreneurship:
Book Donation App Hackathon- 23/1/2022

Create and develop your mobile app for social good

A class on app development and importance of digital means

Social Advocacy:
Voice for Literacy- 30/1/2022

Submit blogs, videos, virtual lessons and stories to promote quality education

Story-telling workshop



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Awards and Recognitions

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    All participants will be featured on TAL Scouts webpage as Touch-A-Life young social innovators.

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    All participants will receive TALScouts TRANSFORMERS 2022 Certificate of Participation.

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