On this Women’s Day, I would like to thank my mom, Jyotsna Kesari, for being my inspiration and many other things. She is a very loving and caring person. Since I could remember, she has been my role model. She has taught me many valuable lessons such as honesty, good manners, and respect for others. I learned to make new friendships and bolster my relationships with time from these lessons. When I was a little kid, my mom was always there for me when I was sad, disappointed, or had a bad day. I appreciate having someone like her to make me feel better. By profession, my mom is a substitute teacher. Not only does she coach me with my skills, but she also helps me approach subjects like math strategically to make learning fun and easy for me. Thanks to my mom, I am growing up to be a well-rounded person. I hope I can continue making her proud.

Varun Tornala