My Momma – My World

My Momma is a Homemaker, perhaps a fairy and has made our home an amazing magical wonderland. She is the Sun around her that revolves my world. She is intelligent, creative, loving, helping, caring, and surprises with her wonderful and delicious recipes. We watch movies, play games, go for walks also stare at stars from the terrace together. If I get hurt she wipes my tears and comforts me with her words. On my little achievements she pats my back proudly. Her hugs, lullabies and lap are always free for me. She warns and advices me when I do anything wrong. She helps in my studies and also teaches me life skills. She and her stories inspire me to write my own. I am grateful to my mother for everything she does to make me happy. She is my all-time inspiration.

Tarani Das,
Vikas The Concept School,