The woman that inspires me is my mother. My mother is a working woman and also handles the house all by herself. Of course, she is overwhelmed sometimes and has her low times, but she is strongest woman I have seen (emotionally). Physically too, she goes over the limit that her body supports her to. She starts
in the morning before everyone wakes up and starts working as per everyone’s needs, she drags herself till very late at night, especially when my exams are ‘round the corner. Work churns her mind and she is tensed over the limit. At home the situation is no different. The whole house’s responsibilities are tossed upon her, including household work, my studies, organizing our things, cooking. My mother (a woman overall) does so many things, the least we can do is help her, share her stress or at least, acknowledge her.

Tanishi Padhy,
Vikas The Concept School,