No Wonder

No Wonder, My mother is the Perfect Role Model for me. Growing up as a child she was “An Excellent Teacher” to me. Coming to Higher Classes she became ” My Best Friend” with whom I could share everything. She worked day and night for us. Her every work is an inspiration for me.

She trained me every second and told me what is good and bad in life. She taught me how to be independent, great values that could be never learned from others, and how to set goals to become a strong woman. Moreover, she has many good qualities like Patient, Respectful, Strong, Humble, Empathetic, Authoritative, Responsible and Supportive.

She gives me everything; she has just to make my life easier. She smiles all the time in whichever situation she is in. I love my mother so much and I am so thankful that she is the way she is. “Happy Women’s Day, Mummy Love You”.

Sreehaasa Ch – Class 10,
Vikas The Concept School,