Lakshmi bai – Rani of Jhansi

The woman who inspired me was…… Manikarnika……. The great ruler of Jhansi and first woman freedom fighter against britishers. I am a coward boy.. Everytime my mother tells me to be brave. Because I saw the movie – Manikarnika, It made me brave. It made a coward boy brave? A cinema? Let’s get into the story.

Advisor of peshwa baji Rao, Moropant Tambe was a great man. He had a Daughter named Manikarnika who was a bramhin by birth (Adopted). Because of her father’s position in the court, she could learn all kshatriya vidyas( Sword fighting, Horse riding etc).

She was married to Gangadhar Rao, the ruler of Jhansi. Later he died and she became the ruler. She likes knowing people’s problems and used to solve them. Most of the problems were caused by the britishers.

The Incident which inspired me was – Jhansi was fighting with britishers. Manikarnika was a great warrior. So, they couldn’t resist and one of them attacked from back and she was badly wounded. Nearby there was fire and she jumped into it. She didn’t want to get killed by cruel britishers. If I was in that situation I would tell, I am badly wounded, let’s stop fighting. I will let you take jhansi. I don’t want to die this early, I don’t want to get killed.

But she was ready to die. She was not scared of death. That’s what inspired me.

Santhi KVN