Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Diya; she had big dreams and she wanted to become a businesswoman but; her parents didn’t like women’s work and did allow her to do so. so she decided to go outside of the house and she took a house for rent and she lived there; she had sold the gold she had so much money and she got an idea to sell food but she is not satisfied with than she wanted to present in a different way she bought a truck and she got an idea to sell food in truck and she named food truck. At first, people are attracted to trucks but the food is not tasty. She felt bad and she tasted the food she felt as same as people and tried different ways but she still could not find it. When she traveled she found different masalas in different countries, States, and villages. She made it all to gather and she found a delicious dish: a type of pizza and roast. She named the mixed universe. At first, she sold it for Rs.1 so many people came. She got so much profit and opened many trucks; she discovered many dishes. One day she went back to her parents and was very emotional. Her parents hug her. She inspired many women.

Give a chance to women, women can make many wonders they are precious!

Rishitha Vankayala – Class 7C,
Vikas The Concept School,