The power of women

In India in 1978, there was a woman named Lakshmi. She got married at 10 years of age only and her husband was 60 years old at that time. So his husband expired 10 years after the marriage and her parents also expired at the same time which made Lakshmi depressed very much. Lakshmi has 5children, in that 3 are girls and 2 are boys. so she has many problems raising her children. one day, one of her girls came to Lakshmi and asked Amma why are you being sad. Don’t be sad, I will become a collector for a district and I will make you proud. Lakshmi got very happy after hearing those words from her child and she kept a goal to make her children great people and she fought against the problems and made her children great people and one of her girls became a collector as she said, and she fought for stopping child marriages. So lakshmi was very happy.

So woman can change the world if they can, so don’t underestimate the woman and respect the woman.

Samanyu ch