Sudha Chandran

Women are special for many reasons. They are the most caring people in the world. Women are very sympathetic towards people and things. They inspire all of us on their way. Sudha Chandran is an example. Sudha Chandran was born on 27 September 1965. She is an Indian actress and an accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer. She appeared in many T.V shows and Indian films. In 1981 she hurt her leg in a road accident near Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. Her leg became gangrenous and her parents opted to have it amputated. Sudha had lost her leg because of this accident. She was only 16years when she met with this accident. But even after this horrific accident Sudha thought of returning to what she was passionate about. After 3years Sudha returned back to dancing. A movie called ‘Mayuri’ was made on Sudha. She inspired me to never lose hope and always follow you dream.

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