Women who inspired me – Mother Teresa.

Occupation: Catholic Nun

Born: August 26, 1910 in Uskub, Ottoman Empire

Died: September 5 , 1997 in Calcutta , India

Best known For : Fighting for the rights of the sick and helpless people

Mother Teresa was a humanitarian. This means she did things to help out other people. Her entire life was completely devoted for helping the poor , the needy, the sick people. During her lifetime Mother Teresa became famous as the Catholic nun who dedicated her life for caring for the destitute and dying in the slums of Calcutta.
What did Mother Teresa Do? : When she was 36 years old, Mother Teresa fell the call from god to help the poor of India. She received some basic medical training and then set out to help the sick and needy. This wasn’t an easy task in 1948 in India. She had very little support and, while she was trying to feed and help the poorest of the poor, she herself was constantly hungry and even had to beg for food.

Sahasra Kaja – Class 7L,
Vikas The Concept School,