Inspiring Women

A great woman who inspired us is Gauri Devi,she gave a large contribution during the Chipko Movement or Chipkon Andolan in Reni village in the 1970s.

Women who inspired me:
I am in Vikas the concept school for nearly 10 years. I joined a nursery, I had a teacher, Lata mam. She was the best teacher for me in nursery. She gave me a drawing book in 1st class because she saw my drawings and told me it was good, so I was inspired as she told I was good at drawings.

In 1st class again Nahida mam. She was the kind teacher who did not scold me much, when I was going to 1st class I was crying as I did not want to go. She told me it would be fun if we started introducing our names. Then we played small games for sometime.

It was the time I knew she was kind and going to be kind to all children who will be having problems. She inspired me to go to 2nd grade without a problem.

In 5th class I had my class teacher as Geeta mam. She was kind-hearted, helpful. If I has a doubt she would explain it right away.

Other teacher in 5th class, Archana mam. She taught me social. She used to joke around and teach at the same time. Her way of writing notes was different than other teachers she. The questions would be in textbook, she would tell to open the chapter and underline the answers as she dictated and she would tell to write the extra points.

Rudra Shinde – Class 7K,
Vikas The Concept School,