Women’s Day- a story

On this Women’s Day, I would like to write about all my class teachers who gave us knowledge and power to think differently. I was lucky that all my teachers were ma’am. I had ten different subjects in class 4 and ma’am taught us very well, cleared all our doubts and made learning very easy.

Apart from book knowledge, General Science ma’am also taught us about value education for example -good behaviors and manners at home and outside, help others, respect elders and love youngers, care for environment, trust others, forgiveness and study together as a class.

I would also like to thank my teachers for giving us different project to work on, for example I worked on two project in social studies and computer which are – slides about the ‘Planet Mars’ and ‘Living in the Northern Mountains’.

Ma’am also gave us craft works which I liked very much.

Rohan Kumar – IV A,
Vikas The Concept School,