Women who inspire me

Everyone will have inspiring personal lives. my inspiration is my grandmother. She struggled a lot and had succeeded in her studies despite motivation from her parents. She had moved to different places due to her father’s job. She had accustomed to all places and had excelled in her studies. She later completed her post-graduation in Telugu literature. Even after marriage, she continued her work in literature. She wrote many poems, stories, articles that were published in many magazines.

She worked as a journalist in Telugu’s daily newspaper Udayam and later Vaartha. During the covid period, she took retirement and currently working from home writing articles for different online channels. She loves me very much and I have a great bonding with her. She guides me in my studies and plays a vital role in my life. I feel very much grateful to God that he has given me a role model as my grandmother in my life.” Happy Women’s Day Grandma love you so much”.

Prabhaasa Ch – Class 4,
Vikas The Concept School,