Mithali Raj

As everyone know Mithali Raj is an Indian cricketer and ODI captain of Indian women’s national cricket team. I took her as my inspiration because she came against many problems in her life and she never gave up but tried her best every time to reach her goal. I liked her confidence and perseverance that she had to reach her goal, she finally succeeded in what she wants to become. She proved that not only men can play cricket also women can play cricket and she inspired many women’s that you can play cricket now they are beautiful cricket players. Like her I want to say that not only men can succeed in their life but women also have power to do anything. I say that every woman is powerful and can do anything . Not only Mithali Raj but there are many inspirational women who inspire us. Everyone will have different people as inspiration. We should take their words and success and we should succeed in her life too. Like Mithali Raj is my inspiration like her. I want to try everything without giving up to reach my goal.

Penmetsa Dyuthi – Class 8,
Vishnu school,