My inspirational woman is my mom.

My inspirational woman is my mom. This is her life story. Characters : Siri (My mom ), satya(my dad) And me and my brother (mohan and khyathi ), Settlements : Andhra Pradesh, Telangana (Hyderabad )

When my mom was 17 she was in 10th class. after she completed her 10th class. She got married to my dad. That year was 2006 on April 21. My mom did not know anything then after a year my brother Mohan was born on June 21. After a while they moved to Hyderabad in Telangana state . My dad got a job in Doctors Reddy’s and after 2 after my brother’s birth I was born. My name is Khyathi. Then after 1 year we moved to your new house 🏠. My mom did her best taking care of us. She gave me ideas for the future and still kept loving us. Then when I was 11 we bought a new house and then after one year covid 19 came to the world, but then also she did her best taking care of us. Then she gave me an idea of being an fashion designer 👩🎨, I was thrilled. The sad ☹️ part was that she gave up on her dream and too care of us. Then after a while she started writing stories in an app in Telugu and now she is planning to open a YouTube channel. I am the happiest in my family as she can do what she loves.

Nandamuri Khyathi Sri – Class 7,
Vikas The Concept School,