We all have someone who has inspired us and motivates us to achieve what we want to achieve. They may give reviews but with suggestions, they aspire us to go in the right direction without looking back. They may be someone for others but for me, she is my mom.

She makes me rethink my decisions and wants to help me but in a wrong tone and I tend to misunderstand her but when I open my eyes and see, she is supporting me and correcting me of my methods of approach.

She achieved her goals and dreams of getting respect, better living accommodations and rose up to who she is from a girl in a poor family who had nothing. It is no easy task to get up from zero to 100 but she did it, she proved to me that it is possible as long as you persist, it does not come in just a year or two. She leads me on the right path, makes me rethink my decisions a second time, and avoids letting me do the same mistakes as her.

She gave birth to me, raised me in spite of the harsh environment, and brought me up to where I am.

Someone like her is the person in everyone’s life who inspires him or her and I am glad that she is in mine.

Laasya Kalidindi – Class 10,
Vikas The Concept School,