My mother and my favorite music artist Ashnikko are two people who inspire me the most. I learned to be my own person and develop my individual style through them.

My mom is an independent and hardworking woman. Since my childhood, she taught me to e comfortable in my skin and that it was okay not to fit in. My mom wasn’t and still isn’t a people person. She likes her alone time and loves to learn and read. She was a people watcher in high school and was very observant of people’s behavior. She taught me to let people reveal their true nature before trusting anyone by simply observing them around others. She is a strong influence and an important person in my life. I’m grateful I have a mother like her. She is very protective, affectionate, and understanding of my brothers and me. She is very efficient at her job and likes to journal her progress in different things.

Similarly, Ashnikko’s music helped me become self-aware. I could let out my frustrations, anger, and emotions through her songs. I embraced my weirdness and am okay not to fit in. As a child, I was bullied for being weird. However, I don’t care about people’s opinions anymore. I am happier and smile a lot more because I embrace my entire personality rather than burden myself.

Kamryn Hayes,
Millennium Charter School,