A woman who inspires me is my grandma. I call her Mama Locha. She is very honest. She always tells me to stop eating so much. She tells me I have to stop being unhealthy because I won’t get a boyfriend. She is not trying to be mean, and she never silently judges you. One time she called me a gordita. On a serious note, she came here to this country with nothing. She had to raise four children on her own because they all had different baby daddies that left. She does not speak English, but she could still make a life for herself here.

Another woman who inspires me is Nicki Minaj. Throughout her life, she got a lot of backlash. She is constantly told she will never be successful, but she achieved so much. She is the best rapper and is much better than Cardi B. She is the queen of rap for a reason. She has effortlessly taken any song she is featured in and taken it to new heights with her lyrics, cadence, and undeniably flawless flow. She statistically performs better in the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Jackie G,
Millennium Charter School,