Savitribai Phule
Her name was Savitribai Phule. She was a woman born and married in a society where women are treated inferior. She overcame the limitations placed by the society with her strong determination. Her kind and caring nature helped the girls in her village to get motivated to receive education. At first, no one agreed, because of stereotypes on women’s life. No one agreed to let girls take education. But she and her husband, with her determination for justice, and gentleness made har an inspiring personality. She stood up to those who are in need, mainly widows, pregnant, and more. She ran ashrams, schools and hospitals for women during the times when stereotypes were believed as sacred rules, with her determination. She faced all the insults and things prejudiced people thrown at her with her determination. Her determined spirit with her other astounding qualities made her outstanding others in her time in social justice.

Godi Reena Charan – Class 9,
Vishnu School,