Malala is inspiring because she is speaking up for the rights of those who have no voice. She bravely holds a lamp for girls to be educated. Her unwavering commitment to her values even before she was recognised as a global sensation. Her movement inspired people around the world for courage, endurance, and compassion. Born in 1997 in Swat Valley, Pakistan, where, by default, a girl is seen as less valuable than a boy, Malala grew up during a time of extreme conflict with an unstable government and rising opposition forces.

Malala’s father, a private school owner, was determined to give her every opportunity that a male would have. Malala was fortunate enough to have the right to attend school. But the school did not last long and was taken away from her at the age of eleven.

Taliban, a terrorist organization, took over the country, stationed military troops to watch over the villagers, and enforced brutal regulations on the Pakistani and especially the women. Malala was forced to leave her school after the Taliban controlled her town. While boys’ schools remained open, the Taliban closed more than 200 girls’ schools in Pakistan.

After months of being away from her school, her education, and her community, Malala could no longer stand by in silence in the face of injustice. Malala, furiously, Speaking out on behalf of education for girls. Wanting to go to school. Malala told that girls have the same opportunities as boys for education. Malala understands that she must fight but not succumb to violence and emotional attacking despite growing up in an environment of brutality.

Eswar yashas padarthi – Class 10B,
Vikas The Concept School,