Women’s day

The International Women’s Day is celebrated every year globally on 8th of March to honor the achievements of women in various fields. Therefore this celebration gives recognition to those woman personalities who have excelled in their own fields. Indeed, women have contributed greatly to the welfare of the society and to the country subsequently.

We have to respect women not because of their gender, but for their own identity. “ Women are the real architect of the Society.”- said by Harriet beecher stowe . They build not only themselves but a whole community. Yet history has failed the women many a time to represent what a woman can be. There cannot be just a day to celebrate a woman. Every day should be a day, where we respect the divinity of women.

On this auspicious day, many great women have set great examples and challenges touching the very space and beyond. For every aspiring girl, boy has a inspiration. For me it is my mother, it very common but many do not have the right things nor points to back them up. “ Out of the mountain of despair , a stone of hope falls.” That is inspiration to move forward , for me that is my mother. – said by Martin Luther King Jr.

My mother is a working mother , she takes of both office work and family . She very patient, she is clam and cool under pressure and never worries about anything. She lives in the moment ; opposite to her I get angry very often and worry to much about everything , in those situations when I think of about how she would handle this situation, I immediately calm down. She has a perfect memory and never forgets anything in contrast to her I forget everything, seeing her work so hard has inspired me to work hard and study and make her aways happy.

My life’s ambition is to become a doctor which I got from her , it was her dream to become a doctor one day but due to financial issues, she could not. So I decided to be one and make her dream a living reality. She always find a way to satisfy every one and make them happy, she never thinks of herself. And I aspire to take care of her as she took care of me.

Chaarvi Lakshmisai Kaza – Class XI,
Vikas The Concept School,