Neerja Bhanot was born in 7th September 1963 in Chandigarh, India, wasthe flight attendant and the first women to achieve ‘’Ashoka Chakra’’ award who died while saving passengers on ‘’Pan Am Flight’’ which had been hijacked by the terrorists in Karachi airport in Pakistan on 5th September 1986, she died just two days before her 23rd birthday. She was shot while saving the passengers to escape from the flight and sacrificed her life in this.

She is always a role model for me and she inspired me a lot on how to take responsibility in this type of situation when required.

I admire her a lot because, being very young, she understood the situation and didn’t hesitate to face the problem and gave her life. She is not only a role model for me but for everyone she is the role model.

Ch. Vasanth Rayudu,
Vikas The Concept School,