My Mother

On this International Women’s Day, I would like to talk about the Woman, who inspires me in every walk of life.
My mother, who is a teacher guides me in every activity from the time I get up till the time I go to sleep. My mother wakes me up with a loving hug early in the morning and teaches me small exercises after brushing. After taking bath, she inspires me by teaching me prayers and worship.

I get ready to go to school along with my mother in time to catch the school bus. In the evening, my mother takes me to the children park to make me fit.

She teaches me all subjects, while I complete my homework. Just before I go to sleep, she tells me moral stories about great men, like Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Hanumanji, ChhatrapatiShivaji etc. and inspires me to follow their model in our behavior with people.

I love my mother with my whole heart as she is my ideal, who inspires me at every moment of my day.

Ch. Sai Srikar Pranav – 2A,
Vikas the concept school,