Story of Sudha Murthy

The woman who inspires me is Sudha Murthy , the famous writer, social worker and the chairperson of Infosys Foundation . Having such a fame ,she is down to earth . I started to read her books and unknowingly fell in instant love with her books .She is my role model. When she was in college she wrote a letter to Ratan Tata and she was the only female employee in the company she first worked in . Sudha Murthy had a habit of secretly keeping money in her kitchen and that money which she saved helped Narayan Murthy to start Infosys Foundation . This proves that “Behind every successful man there is a woman“. But Narayan Murthy was the reason why we also know Sudha Murthy as an author. Her works inspire us to aim big in life but never to forget our values and ethics.

Aarya Shroff – Class 10A,
Vikas The Concept School,