Women’s Day Story

Celebrating women ‘s day , personal or professionally , in a sense of commitment to each and every woman in one’s life. Every year on march 8 , international women’s day is commemorated in much of thecountries, a day has been a national Holiday. Women form all walks of life gathered together around the country, spanning cultural ðnic divides, to commutate their battle for peace, justice, equality, progress. International women’s day is all about valving oneself & realizing one’s full potential .

Today’s girl is tomorrow’s Women. Every Mother should train their daughter’s physically & mentally so, she would not be surprised by upcoming challenges. In our Indian culture girls are treated as goddess of the house as firm of Mahalakshmi. In present day’s girls should be as form goddess Durga in order to face the all challenges in the real world. Every girl child should be Educated, education is a must for the girl child.In order to promote the girl child education, the government of India took a big step in promoting the girls education with slogan “Beti Bachao Beti padao”.

The Women who inspires me is my mother. She is kind & beautiful, she love’s to cook & master of it. She care’s about every one in the house & treat’s every one equally. She always helps every one who is in need. she never gets angry & always calm. She loves to Meditate, & love’s seeing every one happy.

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