Why TALScouts

The TALScouts program will be a game-changer for students desperately wanting to bring to life what they are learning in theory and apply it to solving real-world problems. High school students have demonstrated their creative spirit during this pandemic and want to actively respond to social justice issues intersecting their lives.”

  • Chris Funk

    Superintendent, East Side Union High School District & Board of Advisor, Touch-A-life Foundation

What TALScouts Can Do?

  • Raise Awareness

  • Fundraise

  • Innovate

  • Lead

TALScouts Programs

  • Classroom Instruction

    Virtual lessons around social entrepreneurship, fundraising, outreach, and planning.

    Virtual Volunteer

    Volunteering made safe and convenient with virtual classes, meetings, and resources. Powered by technology from Touch-A-Life Foundation.

    Ideathons & Leadership Conference

    A chance for TALScouts across the country to come together to learn, compete and showcase their work in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

    Corporate Social Connect

    Business development training to outreach to corporations and nonprofits to determine best practices for giving and kindness.

    Mentor Connect

    Mentorship programs available for career development and training.

    Innovation Projects

    Quarterly team projects dedicated to making a difference in the community utilizing TALGiving.

TALScouts in Action

Engage, encourage, and empower youth to take positive action

TALScouts Helping Local Community

Jeevan Kumar May 8, 2021 | a month ago
$1071 of $5000 Donated
Meals For needy Corona Patients
Seetha Anand May 6, 2021 | a month ago
$1566 of $1500 Donated
Drive for Procurement of Oxygen Concentrators
Srinivasa R Madala May 8, 2021 | a month ago
$10131 of $12500 Donated
Emergency Tuition Fee assistance for NITEAN(S)
Goutham Devulapally April 24, 2021 | 2 months ago
$6299 of $6000 Donated
Devastating Second Wave of COVID-19
TeluguAssociationofMemphis TAM June 15, 2021 | 3 days ago
$0 of $1000 Donated
COVID relief support activities in Vijayawada
Seetha Anand June 14, 2021 | 4 days ago
$3203 of $20000 Donated
Many families have lost their bread winners
Ram Odedra June 12, 2021 | 5 days ago
$0 of $10000 Donated
Schooling Special Needs Children With Custom Educa
Kavita Verma May 11, 2021 | a month ago
$1213 of $8000 Donated
8 Visually challenged girls need your help
Jeevan Kumar May 8, 2021 | a month ago
$300 of $5000 Donated
Help someone BREATHE! Funds for Oxygen Cylinders
TAL Giving June 12, 2020 | 12 months ago
$1 of $10000 Donated
Crisis during these troubled times, Let's Act Now!

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